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 Do I need a new website to use OnPoint?

Absolutely not! PriMedia will integrate your OnPoint Portal into your existing website design. Visitors can pass from your site to an OnPoint page without noticing a change. If you don’t have a website or are looking to improve your existing site, PriMedia can help.

 Will OnPoint work with my enterprise software?

As long as your software can export data, we can integrate it with OnPoint.

 How do my customers get OnPoint rewards?

You can offer the program to every customer at once, or require that they log in to register – after that, they earn points with every purchase.

 How will I transmit my data to OnPoint?

You can send the data by secure FTP. The entire process is protected from start to finish. We are set up with multiple redundancies in our operations and file storage systems.

 Who controls access to my data?

We will set up a “Super Administrator” at your offices with full access to all information on OnPoint. The Super Administrator will grant and limit access to your employees as needed, based on their responsibilities. The process is completely automated.

 Why is OnPoint better than my old way?

OnPoint enables you to offer more flexibility in your rewards program, with custom and bonus points calculations, and as many rewards as you wish to offer. Customers appreciate the option of choosing how and when to redeem their points – and OnPoint calculates and tracks each point. In fact, a year’s worth of rewards transactions are available for viewing by customers and searchable by any administrator. You DON’T spend any time counting, calculating, conforming or copying rewards or loyalty points – OnPoint does it ALL for you!