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OnPoint lets you offer a scalable, flexible, purchase-based loyalty rewards program – similar to the programs offered by credit card companies, airlines and large retailers. OnPoint gives you complete control and flexibility – you decide the dollars-to-points conversion rate … you decide what “rewards” will be offered … and you decide the redemption value of each reward. Your customers earn points with every purchase through your company, and then use those points to redeem their rewards … which can be discounts toward another purchase!

OnPoint – Loyalty Rewards for Your Company

  • Custom portal is developed for your administrators
  • Secure FTP transfer of all data
  • Set default points conversions (dollars to points, services to points, products to points, etc.)
  • Develop rewards options and values
    • Account credits
    • Discounted/”free” products
    • Third-party products
    • Third-party gift certificates
    • Branded merchandise
    • Anything else!
  • Create bonus points/coupon codes as needed
  • Admin portal enables full customer assistance
  • Set and review custom reports
  • Track and review
    • Redemptions by date
    • Points redeemed
    • Rewards activity
    • Customer activity
    • Facebook posts

OnPoint – Loyalty Rewards for Your Customers

  • Points system is familiar and easy to understand
  • Customers have 24/7 access to the program
  • Points available are updated daily
  • OnPoint displays points earned, redeemed, available
  • Details points source (purchase, bonus, coupon, etc.)
  • Easy-to-use cart system to redeem points for rewards
  • Customers have flexibility in rewards redemption
    • Use points as they accrue
    • “Save” points for larger reward
  • Facebook integration posts rewards earned to newsfeed

See how OnPoint can get your customers to stick around! Contact us today for your free, no-obligation consultation and demonstration.